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On Demand Reporting

Quick help for this screen.

Complete the Report Criteria and which Output Fields you require, then click on GENERATE to produce the report. (click here for the On Demand Tax Report)
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Applicant County:  Premises Type: 
Insurance Company: 
Effective From Date:   (mm/dd/yyyy)      Effective To Date:   (mm/dd/yyyy)
Current Issue From Date:   (mm/dd/yyyy)      Current Issue To Date:   (mm/dd/yyyy)
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   Owner's Name  Applicant State  License Type  License Cost  Has Aggregate Limit Sublicenses:
   DBA  Applicant Zip  Premise Type  Length of License  Aggregate Limit Amount  Brew Pub
   Address Line 1  Applicant County  License Status  Contact Name  Application Type  High Proof Brew Pub
   Address Line 2  License Number  Effective Date  Email Address  Class C Native Wine Permit
   Applicant City  Business Phone  Expiration Date  Contact Phone  Class B Wine Permit
 Insurance Company  Sub-License Type  Local Authority  Mailing Address  Class B Native Wine Permit
 Status of Business  Capacity over 200  Issue Date  Account Number  Class C Beer Permit
   Sell Gasoline  Operation Hours  Delivery Hours  Flexible Privileges:
   Infusing  Square Footage Whole  Square Footage Retail  Current Issue Date  Sunday Sales
   Local Authority Email Address  Small Room  Local Authority Phone Number